CPL 528

CPL528 is a contactless EMV coupler, compliant with ISO14443 type A, B, B’ standards. Its high performance RF interface enables use in such demanding applications as transport, bank and identity.CPL528 is pre-certified EMV 2.0.1 level 1 and RCTIF v4.

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CPL 108/118

CPL108 and CPL118 couplers are small-size multipurpose contactless couplers based on the UCM108 contactless module.

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UCM 108

The ASK universal contactless module is the ideal contactless core module, thanks to its small footprint, high integration and state of the art design.
The UCM can be easily integrated in any top of the line contactless application.
Its unique open design enables your contactless system to be fully compliant with ISO standards.

PDFDownload the UCM 108 PDF product sheet