All ASK contactless smart cards can be fully personalized with colored artwork on the front and back side and other post-print features including identification elements. Microprocessor cards offer mutual authentication between the card and the reader as well as a large flexibility thanks to file management.

ASK contactless card MIFARE DESFire


The DESFire contactless card, designed for contactless applications which require additional security, features a 3-DES encryption and an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). DESFire EV1 is available with a 2, 4 or 8 Kbyte EEProm memory size. ASK designs the file structure on demand and offers the required flexibility for multi-application schemes. The microcontroller based IC is certified EAL4+.

PDFDownload the MIFARE DESFire PDF product sheet

ASK contactless card TanGO for Calypso


Calypso cards are microprocessor based contactless and dual interface smart cards which offer both speed of transaction and a high level of security. ASK operating platform, TanGO, perpetuates the lifetime of existing products as well as the implementation of enhanced functionalities. The range provides contactless cards with various EEProm memory sizes with CT4002, CT4004, CT4008 and CT4018 and meets transport operators’ requirements for more contracts, interoperability and flexible mapping.

PDFDownload the Calypso cards PDF product sheet

ASK contactless card CD21


CD21 is a microprocessor based contactless or dual interface smart card widely used in the Calypso environment. It is available with a 2Kbyte or 8 Kbyte EEProm memory size. ASK is the leading manufacturer of CD21 contactless smart cards.

PDFDownload the Calypso cards PDF product sheet

ASK contactless card TanGO Universal Transaction

TanGO Universal Transaction

The CT3000 implements TanGO Universal Transaction Operating System to provide a powerful and flexible solution for Mass Transit applications. This card features an open operating system using standardized commands issued from ISO7816-4. The CT3000 benefits from high speed transaction time and allows customers and system integrators to design their own file organization. The advanced security features authorize a true multi-application structure, each operator independently managing its security with DES, DESX or 3-DES keys thus allowing full confidentiality for each service provider. CT3000 is available in ISO14443 type A or type B with an E²Prom size ranging from 2 Kbytes up to 18 Kbytes. CT3000 can either be fully contactless or dual interface.

ASK contactless card TanGO4EMV


TanGO4EMV is a true multiapplication Operating System combining full EMV compliance and MasterCard certification. It allows forhigh speed and secure transit transactions. TanGO4EMV contains 5 main core applications: the MasterCard M/Chip 4 application, the MasterCard Paypass M/Chip contactless application, the Universal Transaction application for transit, the e-purse and private payment application, the Calypso application for transit and the card administration application which includes post issuance capability. TanGO4EMV can be licensed to banking smart card manufacturers.