All ASK contactless smart cards can be fully personalized with colored artwork on the front and back side and other post-print features including identification elements. As well as the standard contactless cards introduced on this website, ASK embeds a large range of contactless chips. Ask your area sales manager for more information or send us a request.

ASK contactless card Mifare1k-Mifare4k


MIFARE1K and MIFARE4K are contactless memory smart cards compliant with the ISO/ IEC 14443 Type A standard based on MIFARE standard. They  are available with a 1 Kbyte or 4 Kbyte secured EEPROM memory size.

PDFDownload the MIFARE1K/MIFARE4K PDF product sheet
ASK contactless Mifare Plus


MIFARE Plus, designed specifically for contactless applications which require additional security is available with a memory size of 2 kbytes or 4 kbytes. The MIFARE Plus with 3 personalization security levels offers an upgraded path for system integrators and operators wishing to implement additional layers of security to their automatic fare collection. This card features an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on security level 2 and 3 and supports migration from existing MIFARE Classic implementations. The microcontroller based IC is certified EAL4+.

CMC 512B

CMC512B is a contactless memory card compliant with ISO 14443 type B and Calypso standards. The CMC512B contactless card is a cost effective option and is ideally suited to AFC systems with a large card renewal. The CMC512B card may include cryptography.