About ASK


1997: ASK is founded.

1998: ASK delivers the first dual interface card (contact/contactless) in the world in Nice and Amiens for public transport. ASK also supplies the first dual interface cards in the Paris area (France) for RATP employees, before the current contactless smart cards of the Ile de France area (Navigo pass).

1999: ASK launches the first contactless card for sport access control, with the Glasgow Rangers FC (UK) subscriber’s card.

2000: ASK launches C.ticket®, the first contactless paper ticket in the world. Paris and the Ile de France roll out contactless smart cards for the metro whereas Lyon selects ASK for the launching of their contactless AFC system.

2001: ASK acquires Motorola smart card division. ASK’s markets extend in Europe (Macedonia, Lisbon, Paris…) and the company becomes a major actor in contactless ticketing in public transport.

2002: ASK starts delivering 2.8 million dual interface cards for the Rhine Ruhr area in Germany, the largest public transport contactless project.

2003: The C.ticket keeps spreading and ASK receives its largest order, for 15 million contactless tickets in Portugal. Portugal goes « fully contactless » with ASK’s range of cards, tickets and readers.

2004: ASK moves into larger facilities. The company enters the identity market and is short listed by the GPO for the American electronic passport.

2005: ASK opens a manufacturing site in China. ASK is selected as a supplier of the new self service bike rental in Lyon, Velov. This service will be extended to other cities including Paris with Velib’.

2006: ASK delivers the first order of eCovers for the Greek passport. During the XXth Winter Olympics, Torino goes contactless with ASK cards and tickets.

2007: ASK wins the contract of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games contactless paper tickets. 14 million contactless paper tickets are delivered for all visitors of the games. ASK delivers Velib’ contactless cards for self-service bike rental in Paris and area.

2008: ASK creates a joint venture in the US, ASK intTag, with a manufacturing center located in Burlington, Vermont. ASK strengthens its position on the eID market and delivers new countries with ePassport and cards inlays.

2009: ASK launches TwinSet, a contactless card embedding HF and UHF features on the same medium. ASK reaches new targeted markets with secure products such as polycarbonate inlays for contactless smart cards. ASK delivers contactless cards and tickets to Helsinki public transport.

2010: ASK strengthens its position in the identity sector with over 10 million inlays delivered, ASK opens a manufacturing site in Brazil.

2011: ASK C.ticket® once again selected for major event for Xi’an international horticultural exhibition in China. ASK awarded for Best Achievement in International Sales by the French association of VP Sales.

and the story goes on…